June 3, 2019

The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone – Review

Lovers of The Elder Scrolls Online are all looking forward to the new Elsweyr expansion, similar in size to Summerset, which is very popular with fans.

The release of this new mega expansion, however, will be accompanied in the months before the release by some updates on the game and the beginning of the season of the dragon, which begins with the DLC Wrathstone and continues with Elswyer in which we will explore lands already seen in The Elder Scrolls: Arena and that will lead us to discover even the long-awaited dragons.

The start of the dragon season has therefore been inaugurated with the release of the DLC Wrathstone, available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The DLC in question basically introduces two new dungeons, which will serve to anticipate the facts that will then be resumed with the expansion Elsweyr, out on June 4. In every dungeon of Wrathstone we will find a half of the ancient Wrathstone board, the key that Abnur Tharn will use to open the Halls of Colossus, unintentionally releasing dragons on Elsweyr.

To access the dungeons, you must have a party of four members, all of whom must have reached at least level 45, then you can set the difficulty of the dungeon, which in the same way as the previous ones can be set to normal, difficult and veteran. The two dungeons present with the DLC are Depths of Malatar and Frostvault, both characterized by the presence of five bosses and classic enemies to kill, as well as by an always beautiful characterization of the scenarios.

The first of the two, Depths of Malatar, is set in the ancient ruins Ayleid, hidden under a strong imperial secret, seemed to us the simplest of the two, although we must admit that some bosses if not addressed in the right way can prove extremely difficult to defeat. One of the bosses that has most impressed us from the point of view of the move set and the strategy required for the killing is Symphony of Blades, which at more or less regular intervals generates walls of light capable of knocking us down instantly. The other bosses are all well characterized and need strategies designed ad hoc, which must be thought with the team before and during the fight.

The setting of this first dungeon seemed to us very suggestive and even the narrative background is level, in fact during the expedition you will be accompanied by countless dialogues that will help you to better understand what is happening, enriching especially your cultural background in view of Elsweyr, expansion on which Bethesda focuses a lot.

The second dungeon in Wrathstone is Frostvault, which will guide us in a dwarf crypt full of traps, automata and goblins. This expedition, unlike Depths of Malatar, is slightly more complex, both from the point of view of the longevity of the dungeon and the difficulty of the bosses. One of the most interesting bosses of the expedition is Vault Protector, a huge pile of iron well characterized, but above all able to deliver really powerful shots. Also to deal with the bosses of this dungeon you will be required to coordinate with the members of the group, especially against bosses such as Icestalker, which tends to make you sweep a huge amount of enemies, complicating not a little the adventure. From the point of view of the characterization of the scenario we have perhaps noticed a little ‘more care, probably given by the various obstacles and traps to overcome, which add that extra pinch of adrenaline to the experience.

As usual, the introduction of dungeons is accompanied this time by new sets of equipment, to be precise each dungeon adds three new sets, as well as a new skin and a new pet. Both dungeons also add new collectables, supplies and targets to the game. The release of the DLC has been accompanied by the release of update 21, free for all and which introduces a guidance system based on the areas we are going to visit, a new Battleground map, PvP rewards, changes to passive skills, updates to the guild merchant and much more.

written by BenGolden


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